Sodium CMC Uses

Sodium CMC Uses

Carboxymethyl cellulose is a cellulose carboxymethyl group substituted products. Depending on its molecular weight or degree of substitution, it can be either fully soluble or insoluble polymers. The latter can be used as a weak acid cation exchange agent to separate neutral or basic proteins. Sodium CMC can form high viscosity colloids and solutions, with characteristics like adhesion, thickening, flowing, emulsification and dispersion, endowment, water retention, protective colloids, film-forming, acid resistance, salt resistance and suspensio,  which has no physiological harm. As a result, it is widely used in the production of food, medicine, daily chemicals, petroleum, paper engineering, textiles, construction, and other fields.

Sodium CMC (CMC) is the most productive, most versatile, and most convenient product of cellulose ether, commonly known as "industrial MSG". Sodium CMC uses are as follows:

1. For the textile and dyeing industry, the textile industry uses CMC as a sizing agent for light yarns sizing of cotton, wool, chemical fibers, blends, and other strong materials.

2. For the paper industry, CMC can be used as a paper smoothing agent and sizing agent in the papermaking industry. Adding 0.1% to 0.3% of CMC in the pulp can enhance the paper tensile strength of 40% to 50%, a 50% increase in compressive fracture, and an increase in kneading by 4-5 times.

3. CMC can be added to synthetic detergent as a dirt adsorbent; In everyday chemicals such as the toothpaste industry, CMC's aqueous solution of glycerin is used as a gum base for toothpaste; In the pharmaceutical industry, it is used as a thickener and emulsifier; CMC aqueous solution is used for floatation after viscosity increase.

4. It can be used in the ceramic industry as adhesive and plasticizer for workblank, suspension agent for glaze, color fixing agent, and so on.

5. It is used in construction to improve water-retaining property and strength.

6. It is used in the food industry. The food industry uses high-displacement CMC for food, like ice cream, cans, thickening agents instant for cooking noodles, and beer foam stabilizers. CMC in food is used as a thickening agent, binder, or form factor in the processing of jams, sugar juice, fruit syrup, snacks, ice cream, drinks and so on.

7. In the pharmaceutical industry, the appropriate viscosity of the CMC is chosen as the tablet adhesives, disintegrating agents, suspension agents and so on.