The Role and Application of CMC Food Grade in Food Industry

The Role and Application of CMC Food Grade in Food Industry

Ⅰ. The role of CMC food grade in the food industry

CMC food grade is mainly used in the food industry to thicken, stabilize, retain water, improve taste, emulsify, and enhance toughness. As a stabilizer for acidic beverages, it has the following characteristics: it prevents the protein in yoghurt from aggregation and precipitation and stratification. The unique and delicate syrup after dissolving in water makes the drink taste better and more refreshing. Good replacement uniformity ensures the stability of acidic beverages and makes the shelf life longer. As a water-soluble food additive, CMC food grade has the functions of thickening, stabilizing, emulsifying and shaping, and has a wide range of uses in the food industry. CMC in food industry has different uses and dosages.

Ⅱ. The application of CMC food grade in different foods

1. The application of CMC food grade in soy milk.

CMC food grade is used in soy milk. It can suspend, emulsify and stabilize. It can organically fuse the mixed slurry and prevent the occurrence of fat floating or protein sinking. Moreover, it can play an active role in whitening the colour of soy milk, sweetening the taste, and removing the beany smell. When using CMC in soy milk, you can choose FH6 and FM6 models of CMC, and the addition amount is about 0.5%.

2. The application of CMC food grade in ice cream.

Ice cream is a kind of frozen food processed with water, milk and other dairy products, white sugar, caramel, maltodextrin, edible fats, fresh eggs, compound emulsion stabilizers, edible flavours, etc. as raw materials. Ice cream has the characteristics of fine and smooth taste and high nutritional value. Emulsion stabilizer is a compound food additive, which is compounded by a thickening stabilizer, emulsifier, buffer and other raw materials. CMC powder for ice cream can improve the texture and taste of ice cream and reduce production costs. As a thickening stabilizer, CMC food grade is also used in the compound production of a variety of emulsion stabilizers. The compounding of CMC food grade with guar gum and carrageenan can make the ice cream material get higher viscosity, and can improve the emulsification ability of the protein in the material so that the texture of the ice cream becomes delicate and soft, the taste is smooth, and the texture is thick. It has bite strength and good resistance to melting.

CMC powder for ice cream can reduce the formation of large ice crystals in ice cream. CMC powder for ice cream can enhance the melting resistance and smooth taste of ice cream, whiten the colour of ice cream and increase the volume of ice cream. At the same time, CMC powder for ice cream can also reduce the usage of solid raw materials and reduce the production cost of ice cream.