Why Fortune Biotech

Why Fortune Biotech

Quality Assurance

Production Facilities

Fortune Biotech Co., Ltd applies DCS automatic control system, automatic and enclosed packaging system, We installed nine 50m3 semi-product storage silo to ensure that the entire mixing process is safely enclosed, fully comply with the GMP standard, 34 sets of laboratory testing equipment including Brookfield viscometer. Dedicated 35KV power lines and a separate steam pipeline to ensure the continuity of production. Invested $1.5 million to introduce the MVR wastewater treatment process, so that the production of zero discharge of wastewater. 


Fortune Biotech regards to research and development vital to the life of corporate. That is why we establish application R&D room for food, toothpaste oil drilling and keep in-depth cooperation with the Beijing Institute of Technology, Qilu University of Technology, Qingdao Institute of Chemical Technology and other famous technical institutions. To further enhance our R&D capacity, we establish a branch office in the United States, hiring former Pepsi food expert Dr. Jack Huang as our senior technical adviser.

Raw Materials

Fortune Biotech has paid great attention to raw material procurement.  In the factory, we have over 1800 square meter raw material warehouse and 1500 cube meter of the tank for liquid raw material. Ample storage space of refined cotton, acid, alcohol, alkali, and other major raw materials ensured sufficient stock for continuous production.  We audit and selected high-quality raw material suppliers, like CABB, Akzo Nobel,  Before Group, Union Chemical, and other well-known domestic and foreign enterprises to be our raw material suppliers. 


Fortune Biotech is committed to building a modern enterprise. The company passed the ISO9001, ISO22000, ISO14001, ISO18001, Star-K Kosher certification, MUI Halal certification, as well as BRC certification. 

Why Choose Fortune Biotech?

Abundant Experience

More than 40 years of experience in carboxymethyl cellulose sodium (CMC) production and development, recognized as the China Cellulose Industry Association council member for many years, high reputation in the industry. 

Full Closed and Automatic Production Line

The first to apply the DCS automatic control system, fully automatic and enclosed packaging system excludes the possibility of pollution during the production process and achieved over 10 tons per batch production capacity at the same time, to ensure product stability.

Excellent Quality

Advanced production equipment and strict quality control management make higher product purity (99.5%) higher viscosity (10000mPa.s above) a higher degree of substitution (greater than 1.2).  Quality control reaches the international advanced level. 

Prompt Service System

Customer service is active 365*24