CMC Usages in Cosmetics Industry

CMC Usages in Cosmetics Industry

1. Summary

CMC has properties of thickening, bonding, dispersing, suspending, homogenization, emulsifying and stabilizing in the cosmetics industry, so CMC can be applied in any skincare cream, skin whitening cream, face powder, depilatory cream, sunscreen cream, shampoo, shower gel, facial mask, lipstick, and other cosmetics.

CMC can be absorbed by the skin to prevent dry skin. Form soft and elastic film to protect the skin.

2. Some Detailed Prescriptions of Common Cosmetics

2.1 Lotion: Use 1.5% CMC (FH9), 5% beta-cyclodextrin hydrate, 15 liquid paraffin wax, 5% glycerol. Add proper protective agents and perfume. Then mix with distilled water into 100%. Such lotion is good cosmetics and very stable.

2.2 Almond Cream: Use 1.3% CMC (FH9), 9.9% almond oil, 0.2% bitter almond oil, 0.8% geranium oil. 90% ethanol. Add a moderate protective agent and perfume. Mix them evenly. Then use distilled water to 100%, Such almond cream can protect the skin well with the function of anti-wrinkle.

2.3 Lipstick: CMC is featured by pigment suspending and dispersing. It can bind other raw materials, to distribute the raw materials uniformly. Get more information about carboxymethyl cellulose suppliers.

Dosage: 0.5%-1.0%. Can use model FH9.

2.4 Royal Jelly Facial Mask: Royal jelly is a precious natural tonic. It can stimulate gonadal activity and body disease resistance ability. Have a special protective effect on the skin. Add CMC into a mask that can evenly distribute raw materials. Strengthen the function of moisturizing skin. Good film-forming character.

Prescription: 2% CMC (FH9), 1% sodium alginate, 5% poly(ethylene glycol), 1% carbomer 940, 1.5% polyoxyethylene lauryl ether, 10% ethanol, 0.5% triethanolamine, 5% glycerol, 0.5% royal jelly, 73.5% refined water, moderate preservative.

2.5 Shampoo: Mixing CMC with fatty acid ethanolamine or 2,2'-iminodiethanol can form a film around the hair. Has the finishing effect.

Typical Formulation: 2.5% CMC (FH9), 10% propylene glycol (plasticizer), 44.6% water, triethanolamine, 20% sodium dodecyl sulfate (cleaning agent), sorbitol, 3% polyethylene oxide (adjustment), 2% sodium stearate (brightener), 0.8% coloring, perfume and moderate preservative.