Introduction of Toothpaste Grade CMC

Introduction of Toothpaste Grade CMC

CMC is mainly used as a thickener in toothpaste to prevent the solid component of the toothpaste from separating from the liquid component so that the toothpaste has a certain consistency, the paste is in strips with a good skeleton, and it will not collapse or become thin when attached to the toothbrush; make the paste smooth and delicate.

Ⅰ. Toothpaste grade CMC features

1. The distribution of substituents is uniform and suitable with good salt resistance, acid resistance, and enzyme resistance, and strong hydrophilicity;

2. Strong water solubility and water retention capacity so that the paste does not separate oil or water;

3. Excellent moisturizing and striping properties;

4. Appropriate viscosity and thixotropy, good shear thinning performance, easy to disperse and swell in paste production, convenient for filling production;

5. Strong ability to protect colloid and emulsify;

6. Contributive to the suspension of pigments and abrasives;

7. Contributive to the burst of toothpaste flavor and suitable taste;

8. The produced paste has suitable fluidity, easy to transport  and to squeeze out of the toothpaste tube;

9. The paste has good elasticity, good diffusion performance to reduce tailing.

Ⅱ. Toothpaste grade CMC is suitable for the production of different kinds of toothpaste

1. Highly thickening CMC toothpaste grade products

*The CMC toothpaste grade product has good rheological properties, so that it has better thickening properties.

*Good solubility, so that the sol speed is faster and the production efficiency is improved.

*The paste-making process has a lower viscosity, which reduces the load of the production equipment; it can restore a higher and suitable consistency after being filled and storaged.

2. Ordinary CMC toothpaste grade products

*Moderate viscosity, suitable toothpaste thickening.

*Good compatibility with other raw materials in toothpaste,

*Strong salt resistance and stable product quality, suitable for conventional toothpaste, herbal toothpaste and other functional toothpastes.

3. Products with high degree of substitution

*The product has a high degree of substitution and good substitution uniformity.

*The product has low thixotropy and stable thickening performance.

*The product is especially suitable for transparent toothpaste with transparent and smooth paste.