Application Scope of CMC (3)

Application Scope of CMC (3)

Fortune Biotech Co.,Ltd. is one of the industry leaders in the production of carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) and CMC suppliers with more than 40-year experience. We have professional knowledge of CMC uses and advanced technology. The CMC we produced is used in the following major industries.


1. Oil and Natural Gas Industries

In the process of oil and natural gas exploration, drilling and workover, the wellbore is easy to lose water and then causes well diameter changing and oil well collapse, which makes the project unable to be carried out normally or even stop halfway. Therefore, it needs to adjust the physical index of drilling mud according to the geological conditions, the depth of the well, the temperature and the thickness of different areas. CMC suppliers indicates that using CMC is the best choice to adjust these physical indicators.

CMC uses are very important, for it can improve the filtration performance, mud cake quality, anti-interference ability, shale absorption ability as well as the stability of slurry. It can also prevent dispersion of clay and prevent collapse. CMC is compatible with various additives in different series of slurries.


2. Paper Industry

According to the data from the CMC suppliers, we can know that CMC is mixed with the pulp (before pulping and adding alum). CMC can disperse fibers and improve the uniformity and strength of paper (fracture strength and stiffness). Under the same runout, using CMC can shorten the beating time and save energy.

In order to avoid fluff and powder falling, CMC solution with low viscosity and medium viscosity can be used. CMC solution with medium viscosity has a dense oil proof film that can prevent paper from rolling up and crushing. CMC also improves paper's absorption of ink and oil.

Pigments are usually required for coated white paper and chrome paper. CMC uses in coatings can improve water retention and rheology.