How to Use CMC in Ice Cream

How to Use CMC in Ice Cream

Ice cream is a kind of frozen food made from milk, white milk, maltose, maltodextrin, edible oil, fresh egg, compound emulsifying stabilizer and food flavour. It has the characteristics of delicate taste, smoothness and high nutritive value. Because water is the main ingredient in ice cream production, and the excessive use of water can reduce production costs, it will also have a certain adverse impact on product quality and will promote the formation of more rough ice crystals in ice cream, thus affecting the taste.

In the ice cream industry, there are usually several measures to solve this problem:

(1)To increase the solid content in ice cream production materials, we usually increase the amount of solid raw materials such as dairy products, sugar, maltodextrin, edible oil and so on. The addition of these solid materials can fill and block the formation of large ice crystals. However, an excessive increase in solid raw materials will increase production costs and reduce the market competitiveness of products.

(2)Improve the production process of ageing and freezing, but this requires higher equipment, which will increase the cost of equipment procurement and operation.

(3)Adding a certain amount of emulsifying stabilizer to inhibit the formation of rough ice crystals is economical and beneficial to the control of production costs.

The emulsifying stabilizer is a kind of compound food additive, which is composed of a thickening stabilizer, emulsifier and buffer. When used in ice cream products, it can improve the structure and taste of ice cream and reduce production costs. As a thickening stabilizer, CMC powder is also used in the production of a variety of emulsifying stabilizers. CMC for ice cream can make the ice cream material get higher viscosity, and can improve the emulsifying ability of protein in the material so that the structure of the ice cream becomes delicate and soft, the taste is smooth, the texture is thick and biting, and has good melting resistance.

In actual production, CMC for ice cream can reduce the production of large ice crystals in ice cream, enhance the melting resistance and delicate lubrication taste of ice cream, whiten the color of ice cream, and increase the volume of ice cream. At the same time, CMC for ice cream can also reduce the use of solid raw materials and the production cost of ice cream.