Application of Sodium CMC

Application of Sodium CMC

With regards to CMC uses, Sodium CMC has the functions of adhesion, thickening, enhancement, emulsification, water retention, suspension, etc. It is also used as thickener in the food industry, as drug carrier in the pharmaceutical industry, as binder and anticoagulant in the daily chemical industry, as sizing agent and protective colloid for printing paste in printing and dyeing industry and as a component of oil recovery fracturing fluid in petrochemical industry.

1. In pharmaceutical industry, sodium CMC can be used as emulsifying stabilizer for injection as well as binder and film-forming agent for tablets.

2. In detergents, sodium CMC can be used to resist fouling redeposition. Especially, sodium CMC is superior to carboxymethyl fiber in anti-fouling redeposition effect of hydrophobic synthetic fiber fabric.

3. Sodium CMC can be used as mud stabilizers and water retainers to protect oil wells in oil drilling.

4. Sodium CMC is used in textile industry as thickener of sizing agent and printing paste. It can be also used in textile printing and stiffening finishing. It is conducive to textile printing and stiff finishing.

5. Sodium CMC can be used as anti-sedimentation agent, emulsifier, dispersant, leveling agent and adhesives of coatings. With it, the solid content of the coating can be evenly distributed in the solvent, and the coating will not be stratified for a long time. What's more, CMC uses can be also applied in paints.

6. As flocculant, sodium CMC is more effective than sodium gluconate in removing calcium ions.

7. Sodium CMC is used as paper sizing agent in paper industry, which can obviously improve the dry strength, wet strength, oil resistance, ink absorption and water resistance of paper.

8. As for the CMC uses, it can be used as a hydrosol in cosmetics and as a thickener in toothpaste at a dosage of 5% or so.


9. Sodium CMC can be also used as flocculant, chelating agent, emulsifier, thickener, water retaining agent, sizing agent, film forming material, etc.