Application of Sodium CMC in Dairy Products

Application of Sodium CMC in Dairy Products

1. Applications in acidic beverages

In the production of acidic milk beverage, casein will cause aggregation instability. Therefore, sodium CMC can be added to prevent this instability, stabilize the acid milk drink and ensure a good taste.


Its mechanism is as follows. During the process of acidifying, Na CMC is adsorbed on the surface of casein micelles and forms adsorbent layer whose electrostatic repulsion and steric hindrance maintain the stability of casein micelles. Moreover, sodium CMC has thickening effect that can reduce the sedimentation rate of protein particles.


Compared to the traditional applications used in the sour milk beverage, the application of the sodium CMC technology in cold material dissolving endows acidic milk beverage with higher viscosity and greater stability during shelf period.


2. Applications in Stirred Yoghurt

Denatured precipitation of milk protein in acid conditions has been always a key issue affecting the development of yoghurt. Na CMC is often used as stabilizer, because it has multiple functions, abundant sources and low price.


3. Applications in Casein Emulsion

Emulsions are unstable systems in which one liquid is dispersed in the form of tiny droplets in another liquid that is not miscible with it. Among food gums, Na CMC and XG have been thoroughly studied due to their unique functions and properties. The results showed that the mixture of Na CMC and XG could make the system more stable.