Application of CMC in Ceramic Embryo and Glaze

Application of CMC in Ceramic Embryo and Glaze

Sodium fluoride methylcellulose CMC is used as raw material of excipient, plasticizer and reinforcing agent in ceramic industry. It is also used as the end of glazed tile and glaze to make glaze body disperse stably.

I. Sodium fluoride methylcellulose CMC application in ceramic preform body

i. Thepreform body can increase the adhesion and is easy to form.


ii. To improve the bending strength of human body and reduce the preform body of damage rate.


iii. To make the water evaporate evenly to prevent drying and cracking.

II.  Sodium fluoride methylcellulose CMC for ceramic tile glaze and glaze bottom


i. To disperse the glaze in a stable state.


ii. To increase the surface tension of the glaze.


iii. To slow down the diffusion of water from the inside to the billet glaze.


iv. To increase glaze smoothness.


v. To avoid cracking during transportation and decrease of glaze strength after printing fracture.


vi. To reduce the pinhole of glaze after sintering.

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