How to Make CMC Dissolve in Water Quickly when Using It?

How to Make CMC Dissolve in Water Quickly when Using It?

1. The method for quick dissolution of carboxymethyl cellulose CMC

CMC is widely used in many industries and is an additive material product. Especially its aqueous solution has the functions of thickening, film formation, adhesion, moisture retention, colloid protection, emulsification and suspension. Many industries like to use CMC materials.

Therefore, it is very important to make an aqueous solution correctly and quickly when using it. The following will explain the method of quickly dissolving it in water.

After adding an organic solvent that is incompatible with CMC but compatible with water, such as ethanol, glycerol, etc., and then redissolving, the dissolution rate will be very fast. In the past, there were several conventional dissolution methods in preparation.

In the case of stirring, slowly adding CMC can accelerate the dissolution; in the case of heating, adding carboxymethyl cellulose dispersedly can improve the dissolution rate, but the heating temperature should not be too high, the suitable range is 50℃-60℃; When the materials are mixed and used, the solids are mixed first and then dissolved, and the dissolution speed can also be increased; however, the formed particles can be fully dispersed due to the rapid stirring of the mixer for a long time.

The viscosity of the formed solution is also weakened and dispersed with the long-term rapid stirring of carboxymethyl cellulose. The effect of suspending and thickening is also significantly reduced. The following method is used to dissolve, which saves time and effort, increases the viscosity of the solution, and reduces the amount of CMC.

2. The specific operation method of carboxymethyl cellulose CMC

Put the CMC powder into the container (note that the container must be dry), add 95% ethanol to fully moisten it (to the degree that the CMC powder is fully moistened, generally 1g of CMC powder plus ethanol). Then add water and stir quickly to achieve the desired result quickly.

The powder is insoluble in ethanol, the powder wetted by ethanol is dispersed in small particles, and water is added vigorously to make the carboxymethyl cellulose CMC fully contact with water and expand rapidly, avoiding the drawbacks caused by the inability of CMC molecules to contact water at the same time. The best effect is when the gel matrix of the fixed body preparation is used.

Let CMC dissolve quickly in water to form an aqueous solution, which can effectively save production costs and improve economic benefits for enterprises, and can be widely used in industries such as petroleum, food, medicine, textile, and paper-making.

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