CMC (ceramic-grade) in the Application of Ceramic Printing Glaze

CMC (ceramic-grade) in the Application of Ceramic Printing Glaze

1. The application of ceramic CMC (ceramic-grade) in ceramic printing glaze

CMC has good solubility, high solution transparency and almost no insolubles. It has superior shear thinning and lubricity, which can greatly improve the printing adaptability and post-processing effect of printing glaze. At the same time, ceramic-grade CMC has good thickening, dispersing and stabilizing effect in ceramic printing glaze:

1) The printing rheology is good to ensure smooth printing;

2) The printed patterns are clear and consistent in color;

3) The solution has high fineness, good lubricity and good use effect;

4) CMC (ceramic-grade) has good water solubility, almost no insoluble matter, no sticking to the net and no blocking of the net;

5) The solution has high transparency and good permeability;

6) It has superior shear thinning, which greatly improves the printing adaptability of the printed glaze.

2. The application of CMC (ceramic-grade) in ceramic printing glaze

The bleed glaze contains a large amount of soluble salt substances and Partial acid. The CMC for bleed glaze has excellent acid and salt resistance stability, so that the bleed glaze maintains a stable viscosity during use and placement, and prevents the change in viscosity from affecting the color difference, and greatly improves the stability of the bleeding glaze:

1) It has good solubility, good penetration and no blocking of the net;

2) It has good matching with the glaze, so that the glaze is stable;

3) It has good acid, alkali resistance and salt resistance, so it can maintain the stable viscosity of the bleeding glaze;

4) The solution has good leveling performance and good viscosity stability, which can prevents the influence of chromatic aberration due to viscosity changes.