Application Scope of CMC (Ⅰ)

Application Scope of CMC (Ⅰ)

Fortune Biotech is the leader in the production of carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC), with more than 40-year experience. We have rich professional knowledge of CMC and advanced technology. The CMC we produced is used in the following major industries.

1. Food Industry

Flour with CMC additions is characterized by good dispersion, water retention and strong cohesion. CMC can shorten kneading time of flour and makes it easy to operate, and also produce noodles with high toughness and strength. Thus, the productivity of high-quality products is increased. CMC is a good thickener and also a good dispersant. It is good at water retention and fresh keeping. Sauce added CMC has better homogeneity and longer shelf life.CMC can improve the melting resistance of ice cream.So CMC powder used in ice cream is developed, as CMC is an ideal excipient, swelling agent and emulsifier of ice cream.

2. Ceramic Industry

CMC is used as plasticizer, liquefier and adhesive for workblanks. Such as CMC gum ceramics, adding proper CMC to ceramic workblank has water reducing effect and can enhance the fluidity of slurry, improve the productivity of powder and reduce production energy consumption. In addition, it can enhance stability of the workblank, thus improving the yield of high-grade products and reducing the subsequent costs.

3. Toothpaste Industry

CMC is basically compatible with cellulolytic enzymes and can prevent viscosity decrease. Customized toothpaste manufactured by Fortune Biotech is characterized by high substitution degree, high purity and stable viscosity, ranging from 60 mesh to 200 mesh. This toothpaste dissolves quickly and can dissolve in 5 minutes in ordinary emulsifiers.