Application of E466 Food Additive in Food Industry

Application of E466 Food Additive in Food Industry

Carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) is a water-soluble cellulose ether obtained by chemical modification of natural cellulose. CMC is usually anionic polymer compound obtained by reacting natural cellulose with caustic soda and monochloroacetic acid, with molecular weights ranging from thousands to millions. CMC is a white fibrous or granular powder that is odorless, tasteless, hygroscopic, and easily dispersed in water to form a transparent colloidal solution. CMC is also a thickener, and its excellent functional properties make it widely used in the food industry.

An introduction to food additive E466

CMC has thickening, emulsifying, molding, puffing, and preservation properties, and can replace edible gums such as gelatin, agar, and sodium alginate. The uses of CMC are wide. Adding CMC to food can reduce the cost of food production, improve the grade of food, improve the taste of food, extend the shelf life, and is an ideal food additive in the food industry. Food additive E466 can be widely used in the production of various solid and liquid beverages, canned foods, candies, pastries, instant noodles, instant foods, soy milk, and fruit juice.

What are the specific applications of food additive E466 in the food industry?

  • Application of food additive E466 in soy milk: CMC food additive can produce suspension, emulsification, and stabilization effects in soy milk. It can be organically mixed with the slurry to prevent fat from floating or protein from sinking. In addition, it can also whiten the color, increase sweetness, and remove bean smell.

  • Application of CMC food additive E466 in instant paste-like foods: In paste-like foods such as instant peanut butter, sesame paste, and almond paste, CMC is used as a thickener to make the instant paste-like food have the characteristics of smooth, fine, and fragrant, and improve the taste of artificial sweeteners. In terms of stability, CMC is better than starch paste.

  • Application of food additive E466 in seasoning production: Specially modified CMC (cellulose food additive) has good salt resistance, acid resistance, thickening, and stability. Food additive E466 can be used in seasoning such as peanut butter, chili sauce, jam, and oyster sauce to improve the quality and texture of these products, make the product thicker and more stable, and improve the color, aroma, and taste.