Application of Cellulose Gum in Toothpaste

Application of Cellulose Gum in Toothpaste

With the improvement of people's living standard, people's demand for daily necessities is also increasing. As a daily necessity, the use-value of toothpaste is no longer only manifested in the simple function of cleaning the mouth, but also in the functional and health-care toothpaste. To this end, many new products have been developed: medicines, acid-proof, hemostasis and full-effect toothpaste. This puts forward new requirements for the quality of cellulose gum in toothpaste.

I. Characteristics of cellulose gum in toothpaste:

1. It has good rheology and thixotropy.

2. Acid resistance: resistant to pH value 2-4;

3. Salt tolerance: It can be used in a paste with various inorganic salts, and the paste viscosity will not degrade obviously with the passage of time.

4. Heat resistance: It has a good and stable heat resistance effect.

5. High transparency: Because of the high uniformity of substitution, less free fibres and high transparency of paste;

6. Strong anti-microbial ability: Owing to good substitution uniformity, the paste has strong anti-enzymatic performance.

II. The role of cellulose gum in toothpaste in toothpaste production:

1. Good compatibility and uniform mixing of toothpaste ingredients;

2. Give toothpaste good formability

3. Toothpaste is exquisite and smooth.

4. During the storage of toothpaste, the paste does not divide water, do not peel off the shell, and do not return to roughness.