Application Advantages of Fortune Petroleum PAC

Application Advantages of Fortune Petroleum PAC

Poly Anioniccellulose (PAC), as a kind of water-soluble cellulose derivatives made from natural cellulose by chemical modification, is an important kind of water-soluble cellulose ethers. It is a kind of white or yellowish powder without toxicity and taste. It can be dissolved in water and has good heat stability, salt-resistance and strong antibacterial properties. The mud fluid prepared by petroleum grade PAC has good fluid loss reduction, inhibition, and high-temperature resistance, which is widely used in oil drilling, especially in brine wells and offshore oil drilling.

Petroleum PAC, with a high pulping rate and good salt resistance, is a good drilling mud treatment agent and material for the preparation of completion fluid in the petroleum exploitation industry. PAC is an excellent filtrate reducer for freshwater mud, seawater mud, and saturated brine mud, and has good viscosity lifting ability and high-temperature resistance (150℃) ability. It is suitable for preparing freshwater, seawater, and saturated brine completion fluids. Also, the completion fluid of various densities can be prepared under the weight of calcium chloride, with a certain viscosity and low filtration rate.

PAC products produced by Jining Fortune Biotech Co., Ltd. has the advantages of small dosage, high yield, antibacterial activity, good salt resistance, easy to use, reducing fluid loss, improving viscosity, strong suspension capacity, environmental protection, no toxicity, no harm and taste, good liquidity, convenient construction, etc. Its appearance is a white flowing powder, and its aqueous solution is a transparent viscous liquid. As a water-soluble polymer, PAC has the following functions and properties:

I. It can dissolve rapidly in cold or hot water.

II. It can be used as a thickener, rheological control agent, adhesive, stabilizer, protective colloid, suspension agent, and water-retaining agent.

We mainly produce petroleum grade PAC-HV and PAC-LV high purity products, which meet the API 13 international standards and are worthy of your trust and purchase.